Longhorn Birthday Cakes

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There’s nothing quite like team spirit, and we at Sugie Galz are more than capable of catering to big fans of the University of Texas Longhorn teams. Whether you are a fan of the NCAA Texas team or you have a Longhorn of your very own, you don’t want to miss out on getting our Longhorn birthday cakes from Austin.


If you’re lucky, you or your friend’s birthday may fall on a day when the Longhorns are playing a game, making it the perfect opportunity to order a Longhorn birthday cake for the best celebration possible. Even if there is no game in any of the varsity sports on that day, it is always a great way to place focus on a personal part of the birthday boy or girl. After all, we at Sugie Galz pride ourselves on being able to personalize all of our cakes to offer a unique experience for all of our customers.


No matter what kind of cake you want us to make for your Longhorn themed party, let us at Sugie Galz know; we’ll work together with you to figure out the best approach for the most unique experience possible!


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Longhorn Birthday Cake Designs


Because the Texas Longhorns are associated with various different varsity sports, there are many different options that we at Sugie Galz can work with on Longhorn birthday cakes in Austin. For example, if the birthday boy is a football player or fan, we can create a cake in the shape of a football or the field goal post, or we may recreate the birthday boy’s favorite player or his own likeness decked out in total Longhorn uniform.


Alternatively, if the sport in question is basketball, we can create a cake in the shape of a basketball or of the hoop, or we can also use the player decked out in a basketball outfit instead of this. Similarly, we can create a golf club for the golfing Longhorns, a pool for the swimming Longhorns, a beach with a net for Longhorn volleyball players, or we can make a mile track for the varsity track team as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to good Longhorn cakes!


If you have your own idea with regard to how we can design the cake, then please do not hesitate to let us know! When it comes to your party, it is all about what you want and your party theme, and we are more than happy to work with your ideas and designs for your Longhorn birthday cakes in Austin. We at Sugie Galz are dedicated to every single detail; after all, we’re not just a cake bakery, we’re people pleasers too.


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Longhorn Birthday Cake Flavors


We at Sugie Galz can offer you all of the traditional flavors that you know and love in cakes, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, marble and red velvet. In addition to this, we can also create custom flavors and unique flavors based on the theme of your party.


In the case of a birthday party themed after the Texas Longhorns, we can tint your cake orange or flavor it with mango and use cream cheese or vanilla buttercream frosting or fondant to represent the University of Texas’ official colors of burnt orange and white. Alternatively, we can style the colors after the particular sport, such as golf, volleyball, football and basketball, using green mint, white vanilla, brown chocolate and orange mango respectively.


Of course, if there is a particular flavor that you had in mind, then feel free to let us know. At Sugie Galz, we are always looking for new flavors to try, because it helps us be that much more versatile to our favorite city, Austin.


Let Sugie Galz make your party filled with team spirit; fill out our form to contact us today!